Ahmed Medical Complex greatly values and continually monitors patient feedback in order that it can be responsive and make learning and/or service changes, as necessary. This ensures that services to patients are always based on best practice.
Below are a few of the testimonials that patients gave us on our facilities.

  • “I visited the Ahmed Medical Complex (in November 2013) and I must comment on the quality of service I received and the friendly helpful attitude of all the staff that I came into contact with. I was very impressed by the organization, the treatment and the communication.”
  • “I have been a patient in several hospitals, and attended many departments, and I have to say that Ahmed Medical Complex Rawalpindi come top in my opinion, for care an consideration. I found all the staff at Ahmed Medical Complex Rawalpindi really kind and helpful. AMC has a calm and tranquil atmosphere for a hospital.”
  • “From a patient’s perspective, the service offered by Ahmed Medical Complex Rawalpindi – in terms of the efficiency of the service, the modern facilities and the friendliness of staff – was superb and I am very grateful for the way it cared for me.”
  • I have to say that the care that your staff provided to my mother was quite good – but ICU Nursing Staff, in particular, stood out. More importantly, as her daughter, I needed to stay informed of her condition. ICU Nursing Staff was warm, helpful, communicative not only with me but also with all the other family members. Staff was as supportive to my mother as anyone could wish………..Thank you for all you at Ahmed Medical Complex have done for my mother. God bless you.


*Response may take upto 72 hours except under extraordinary circumstances.